Advanced technology to improve medication safety & operational efficiency in short-term respite care homes

Use eMAR to automate medication administration in your care home and reduce the risk of medication errors. From secured data backup to remote access and complete accountability in medication stock levels, eMAR is the next step to the future of the home care sector.

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Our Customers

Automate medication administration in care homes with the help of eMAR

eMAR ensures safe and efficient medication administration at care homes of all types. Solve the medication issues by our mar sheets for care homes.

eMAR at Elderly Care Homes

Keeping elderly residents safe is paramount, and medication errors can take a toll on their well-being. With eMAR, elderly care homes can lower the risk of medication errors through a streamlined medication administration.

eMAR at Learning Disability Care Homes

With eMAR, learning disability care home staff can save medication administration time, freeing up time to give to the people they support.

eMAR at Dementia Care Homes

Dementia Care Homes typically have challenges with medication, regimes can be complex and time consuming – the ability to spot and correct missed signatures and gaps quickly is vital.

eMAR at Short-Term/Respite Care Homes

Respite Care Homes can improve patients’ overall health and well-being by prioritising personal care in their short-term care. Respite Care Homes can achieve this by using eMAR to improve their operational efficiency.

eMAR at Rehabilitation Centres

Rehabilitation Centres must focus on engaging patients with different activities. Reduce medication administration time with eMAR and help your care staff give more time to patients.

eMAR at Nursing Homes

With a number of patients with different medical conditions and prescriptions, it’s easy for nursing home staff to get confused. Misunderstanding and confusion increase the risk of medication error. eMAR consolidates different processes involved in medication administration, thus reducing the risks of confusion.

eMAR at Specialist Care Homes

With eMAR, specialist care homes can benefit from streamlined medication administration and lowered risk of medication errors.

Why eMAR?

  • Quick to learn and easy to use – we can provide online training courses for your staff
  • A true mobile App, not just a responsive website – so it doesn’t slow down when you’re using it.
  • Your data and systems aren’t tied to one Pharmacy provider
  • Wakes device up to sound alerts and reminders, even if the App isn’t running
  • Securely stores info even if 3G / Wifi drops out without slowing down
  • Developed by us in the UK – if your organisation needs customisations, we can deliver UK based support team – phone and email.
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