Electronic MAR – Electronic Medicine Administration Record System

Make your life easier, no MAR Sheet gaps or errors

Quick to learn and easy to use, your care staff can be trained remotely on our system in 10 minutes, and remote manager training only takes 1 hour.  You can be up and running with Electronic MAR within a few weeks, and have the peace of mind to know all of your medicine compliance records are complete when you need to evidence them to a CQC inspection.

Now you and your team won’t have to spend time checking every MAR sheet every day (or even every medication round), no illegible notes, and no missed signatures.

Simple and easy reporting, audits and medication stock checking saves you time, giving you more to spend with your residents.

Get in contact with one of our team for a 30 minute webinar demo – we don’t need to come to your site so this is easy to arrange and there is no risk of infection.

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Electronic MAR is a hand held electronic medical records software that helps ensure medication is administered reliably. The digital MAR Sheet template works as an App on Android smartphones and tablets. It is perfect for residential care homes and supported living environments where compliance and security are vital, and where reducing staff time taken to fill in and check MAR sheets and recording errors helps the smooth running of your unit.

With Electronic MAR you always have a complete and precise picture of medication issued. You can see some of the sectors we help in the mar sheets for care homes section. Data is always securely backed-up, Managers have an overview of activity in real time for efficiency, and complete accountability in medications stock levels is maintained.

Staff time is saved in both everyday activity and end-of-period calculations.

Using our service is a natural progression to a digital version of the traditional medication administration record sheet. It is easy to use and learn, and compliant within the social care sector, and can integrate pharmacy and MAR records.

How our digital medical administration record sheet can significantly reduce medication errors

For UK residential care homes and supported living services the safe administration of medication is imperative.

We find that residential care homes using paper MAR sheets generally fall in to 2 camps…either they have an amount of ‘gaps’ on their MAR sheets, and valuable time is taken up double checking, counting medications, retraining staff – these are all a drain on your time and a cost to your organisation…

…and worse still, if you have to double up on staff, or get extra agency staff in at short notice this can be a significant cost.

If you do not have many missed signatures, you may find that your staff are checking their MAR Sheets every day, or even every round.

Your most experienced (and expensive!) member of staff may be doing this when they could be doing something more useful. You may see a reduction in other problems e.g. falls when staff have more time to spend on the ward, and less time doing paperwork.

You may be spending a lot of time and money managing something software could manage for you. Emar will monitor all of your MAR Sheets 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

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Electronic MAR meets all of the medication recording needs of today’s health and social care sector, is compliant, yet capable of evolving to accommodate changing guidelines across different types of care provider.

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